Reseller API

As part of our Reseller accounts we offer an API services that allow you to integrate your systems into our registration systems. You can make use of our email facility or SOAP interface to manage your domain names.

The Email facility uses either a plain text or PGP encrypted email that you construct using our standard template. You simply email the completed template to a dedicated email address allocated to you. Our system automatically processes the email and responds with a preformatted email indicated the success or failure of the action.

The email facility allows you to Register, Renew, Transfer, Modify, Lock/Unlock, and get the auth code for your domain names. It also allows you to manage your contacts associated with your account.

The SOAP API allows you to easily integrate to our system use the popular SOAP interface. This can be easily utilised in a variety of programming languages such as ASP, .net, PHP , PERL etc.. Again full control of your domain and contacts is achievable via the SOAP API.


We continue to develop plugins for popular automated billing/domain systems and currently support the following systems.

Parallels Business Automation

Parallels Business Automation

Note: These API's are provided free of charge and without warranty to customers wishing to manage their domains and services through Total Registrations. To integrate and use these API's requires technical knowledge and usage is restricted to those that are technically adept

Control Panel

Complete customer control panel for you to manage your daily domain activities and much more.

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